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Tigerman 3 - Tigerman vs Monkeyman

tigerman 3: tigerman vs monkeyman snow drift battle

A year after posting Tigerman 2: Finland vs. one man and his Suzuki moped, our favorite Finnish foundry is back!

Featuring a blonde of Amazonian proportions who straight up carries her motorcycle, a superhero (Tigerman, is that you?) lowered from the sky in green undies and pink spandex, and that’s all before we meet Monkeyman. The video pits Tigerman on an 800cc, 25 horsepower, 1989 Suzuki S1 with a top speed of 90 km/hr, against Monkeyman, on a 1993 Honda Monkey 107cc play-thing with 2.9 horsepower and a top speed of 88 km/hr. And yes, it’s a snow-drift battle, to the death.

Here comes the monkeying around.

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