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crazy far east thumper chopper

find of the year (so far!). this is a jaguh chopper from the far east. i discovered it on borneo garage’s blog.

don’t know it’s exact origin but after a little research it seems to be that jaguh is a motor built in the philippines that’s pretty much a copy of a kawasaki eliminator 125cc thumper.

i have always wanted perimeter rotors and dag nabbit, that’s what’s going on my next bike. also, dig the front end action and the low profile. i wonder how the front tire-melting exhaust works. how many brain cells per mile die inhaling exhaust and melting tire fumes when you ride this killer little bike?

stylistically, it’s great. one more killer chopper from the far out east. i’ll bet it weighs less than 200lbs (90kg). just freaking crazy. i needed that.

EDIT 01.06.11:

spongy sent a comment about this bike last night. he knows the builders and it seems they’re malaysian. the owner, omar, runs a shop called “eastern bobber” located less than 15 miles (20 kilometers) southeast of central kuala lumpur in kajang.

i don’t know if they have a website, but you can find them on facebook where there are tons of pix of the bikes these guys build. i’ll try to get more pix of higher resolution and more info about the builds and post them for your viewing pleasure. here is another i snagged from their facebook page:

thanks for the info, spongy! check out his blog here at beeskneesbobber.


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  1. hi Trent, I’ve been a fan of your site for a while now and am excited that you continue to feature great bikes and witty articles and now a guide on how to embark on becoming a garage builder.

    The bike you feature on this post is built by Omar and his Eastern Bobber crew. They are based in Malaysia and the bike was specially built for the recently concluded 2nd Kuala Lumpur Bike Fest (24-25th December 2010).

    For more pics of this bike, head on over to http://www.beeskneesbobber.blogspot.com and search under Eastern Bobber(s).

    Omar is a skillful builder and is one of Malaysia’s most daring and innovative builder that focuses primarily on metric bikes and the local Modenas 175cc Jaguh (a localized Kawasaki Eliminator 175cc).

    This bike won the award for best local chopper in the 2nd KL Bike Fest organized by Red Garage.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. i’m having trouble editing posts tonight, spongy. blogger is crapping out. i’ll try to get this info into the main post tomorrow.

    thank you very much!

  3. i think the bike looks great ,very cook customs inspired ,really cool bike

  4. it is cook custom inspired… most of Eastern Bobber did…

    for more… review on local custom visit my cenel.. http://www.choppamag.blogspot.com

    just learning to put some apraisal for those doing much effort on their metric bikes…

    keep it up trent… proud of my metric….

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