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I’ve been dealing with Elswick Cycles for about a year now, and we’ve decided to stay friends and never break up. Thanks to their support, bikerMetric was able to build the FREEDOM or DEATH MACHINE.

Elswick is a small family-run shop north of Los Angeles fabricating high quality, 100% American made parts and accessories for custom choppers and bobbers. Their main goal is to provide individual garage builders and small shops with top quality, reasonably priced parts. Elswick offers a variety of frames, hardtail kits, oil tanks, handlebars, and other parts for American, British, and Japanese bikes.

Brothers Robert and Jamie Elswick run the place with help from a young family member, Zack, who is learning the biz from the ground up. Get ’em, buddy!

In 1999 Robert started working for Daytec as a welder. During his nine years at Daytec he welded and assembled more than 5,000 frames for companies such as Exile Cycles, Big Dog, American Iron Horse, and many more.

Jamie is the shop’s most excellent fabricator and machinist. He can take a raw piece of metal and figure out how to turn it into anything. He’s been working on cars and bikes most of his life and digs what he does at Elswick Cycles.

Elswick Cycles can also build custom parts or customize an existing part to fit your needs. That’s what they did for me and the FREEDOM or DEATH MACHINE when they created a tank to my specifications (it had to have flat sides and a site gauge). It was to be used as a reserve fuel tank. Here is a photo of Limeybikes’ handiwork after it was successfully connected and operating with a vacuum pump from an old snowmobile:

[UPDATE 02.29.12: it is apparent that elswick cycles are no longer in business. the sites who used to sell their products no longer do, their flakebook and blog pages haven’t been updated in a year, and i’ve heard a few stories from folks who purchased things to never see them arrive. i do not know what happened and took elswick’s banners down four months ago. now i am leaving this update on all their pages. i sincerely apologize to anybody who read great things about them here but were eventually ripped off. i know what that is like. what i got from them was great and it saddens me to see they disappeared, taking money along the way. peace out, metric mofos.]

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  1. dude, i FINALLY put your stickers in the mail. look for them soon!

  2. funny. i was thinking about that yesterday. thanks, mister blood falcon!

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