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cafe racers and choppers from joe’s garage

discovered this beauty on rocket garage today:

it was built by joe’s garage in portugal and seems to have a gilera cx125 front end and yamaha xj600 motor. gorgeous.

here are a couple other projects by the guys at joe’s. first, a yamaha xv750 chopper:

and what seems to be a little honda dax chop. please comment below if i’m incorrect:

visit joe’s for many more pix of these bikes, plus a lot of other nifty stuff.

UPDATE 04.11.12:

received a nice email two days ago from jose silva, who provided me with two more great photos of the 1996 xj600 cafe at the top of this page.

he told me about the owner, an englishman who moved to portugal with his family in 1990 when he was three years old, and a little more about the build. the most amazing part, besides everything, is that this killer cafe has a turbo from a renault r5 gt which joe’s garage adapted to be the air cleaner using custom brass horns.

yes, it’s a show bike, but it’s a very unique one and i dig it. to see many more pix and read more about the build, visit this link at customforever.com.

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  1. That turbocharger is non-functional as it is not connected to the exhaust. Just being used as a fancy air filter housing(?).

    • @punkwrench this may be a very late reply. but I was curious too about that turbo housing. the starter looks like it is not there. so it might be a custom shaft driven supercharger running off the starter gear attached to the clutch basket. this bike is built very custom. and would only make sense if it was a supercharger. trying to find pics of the other side. and more information on the build. i have a xj600 im working on a custom build project plan.

    • ok nevermind. seen the other side.. its just a fancy air cleaner…

  2. thanks punk. the portugese-to-american translation was a little rough. while i didn’t see the turbo on it, i know pictures lie and it has been a busy day. too busy to pay attention to that detail. appreciate the clarification.

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