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biltwell dot-approved helmets

When I first wrote Biltwell I was asking a favor. They responded by sending their kickass exhaust kit. Then I asked for another favor for our bash in June, and they sent stickers, tee shirts, a killer helmet I bequeathed unto the great mechanic Chris from Limeybikes, and more.

Since then, I try to show some love and send a few bikerMetric readers their way.

For those of you who really love their helmets, but want one that actually might protect your skull should you go bang on Broad Street, Biltwell now offers D.O.T. approved brain buckets.

In my travels through space and time, I’ve come across some decent folks. Everybody at Biltwell lives in that little room in my head where people look out for one another while laughing and working toward a simple life of peace and joy.

Yes, they’re a little bigger than the novelty helmets. No, you won’t look like a giant ***** head wearing one. Unless you paint yours to look like a ***** head. If you do, email the photo to trent at bikermetric.com. That would be rad.

Visit Biltwell and tell them that smartass from bikerMetric sent you.


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