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rock-a-billy choppers xs650 chopper project

Met a guy named Branden Norton who is building a pretty badass XS650 chopper outside Seattle in Vancouver, WA. He calls his endeavor Rock-a-billy Choppers, and this chopper, the Hooligan, isn’t their first but I dig what I see so far.

It’s got an Elswick drop seat weld-on hardtail (click that link and tell them bikerMetric sent you, jackwagons), and it’s going to have forward controls.

I like forward controls. I think the ForD will end up with forwards.

Dig the handlebars on the Hooligan.

They’re called “chin busters” and come in 7/8th and 1-inch diameters. Way cool.

This is the “Solo Sailor Jerry Seat:”

You can see the beginning of a suicide shifter and the webbing on the Mustang tank.

This is the epitome of a garage-built metric chopper or bobber. It’s going to kept raw in places, while some elements will be silver plated.

We’ll look forward to seeing the completed machine, Branden.


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  1. the spiderweb is disgusting, all others are cool.

  2. the web isn’t my thing, either, arpad, but “disgusting?” disgusting is an obese woman wearing short-shorts.

    i’ve seen many motorcycles, some i’d call disgusting, and this isn’t one of those, man.

    if a little flourish isn’t our thing, that’s cool, but we are not the style police.

    okay, maybe i am. but that’s because this is my place and i decorate it as i ******* please.

    muah ha ha ha ha!

  3. spider web looks like a orange county chopper thing not cool,frames gonna snap too,same ol same ol. Probably runs like **** too with those lame *** wrapped pieces of garbage. Makes a nice conversation piece however.

  4. it’s easy to be anonymous with nothing but slanderous insults to say. the bike you built and ride must be world famous, huh?

    bikerMetric supports the beginners as well as the pros. we all started somewhere and not all of us began as mean-spirited critics.

    criticism is fine, but labels such as “lame ***,” “garbage,” and “probably” (like you know because you’re there) makes YOU the conversation piece.

    this is my place and i do what i want. therefore, **** anonymous dicks like you who think they know everything but won’t put their name or contact info behind their mean-spirited opinions.

    at least have the ***** to be a **** with a real name and face. coward.

    hey “anonymous,” how about you **** off and never come back?

    (escorted to the door)

  5. The bike was built in a matter of hours we started it at 3pm and got it like this at about 1am. We had to get it put together and rolling for a bike show so the exhaust is just a stock exhaust that was done in a hurry but not the one that will be on here at time of finish. Also if you noticed it does not even have carbs on it so I hope it wouldn’t even run LMAO gotta love smart guys that can point out or try to point out why he think’s it will break or run like **** when the obvious is right there with no fuel lines or carbs COME ON BRO!!!! The bike is kinda a salt track rat rod mix bike. We took this bike to a show and got a lot of comments, pic, vids and what not. This is not our first bild it is one of many this is just tour shop bike (art piece). I don’t mind your thoughts but when you come from a anonymous name I would assume you are just some kid or a cookie cuter harley guy :-)… To each is its own and we don’t expect everyone to love every bike we do. This is really the first negative feed back we have had on this so like I said to each is it’s own :-)

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