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bikerMetric stickers SOLD OUT

josh at tail end customs makes our high-quality. HUGE vinyl stickers. they come in black, white and red. the bike stickers look like they do in this photo:

but they are a pain in the a*s to make (the wing design, mostly), so we’re having a blowout.

the latest motorbike designs are 6″ wide and 2.5″ tall.

the wing stickers have been re-designed (see below) and are 7″ square.

besides the new wing design we have STICK IT TO THE CORPORATE MAN stickers in black and red. check out the photo below. they’re 8″ wide.

i’m selling these for those who spend $10 or more until they’re sold out (i have about 40 stickers total). for that ten bucks, you’ll get two 7″ wings, three 6″ bikes, and two 8″ stick it to the corporate man stickers. that’s 40% off.

paypal ten bucks to trent at bikermetric.com before they’re gone!

be sure to include your address so i can send them to you in a timely manner.

we may resume the bike stickers in red only to be packaged with the new bikerMetric parts. time will tell. until then, the wings are going to be rare and probably never produced again.

remember, as it’s been pointed out by my friend, Popachuby, that if you send the money as “personal” and a “gift,” paypal won’t take their banker’s cut.


thanks for hipping me to the truth, popa.

my life is surely a blessing from ***.

stickers! paypal trent at this website. get ’em before they’re gone!

[UPDATE 04.23.12: we are currently sold out. look for stickers in the parts we’re selling soon. THANK YOU ALL!]


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