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friday’s post of cool stuff #71: revocyclewaterflight

that better be a yamaha motorcycle!

f*** yeah, it’s a yamaha motorcycle!

dig this vid from bikerMetric friend and supporter tail end customs in houston.

josh at tail end also makes our high-quality vinyl stickers and a bunch just arrived in the mail. they look like this:

want some? paypal $1.50 per sticker to trent @ bikermetric dot com and give me your address so i can send them to you in a timely manner.

if you want three or more, they’re only $1 each.

also, if you send me a photo of one stuck to naked ****, i’ll publish the photo and refund your money for the sticker. i won’t mention your name if you request. bonus points for pierced nipples and beer involvement.

it’s true! idaho does not exist!

regardless, remember, our bM stickers are vinyl, so if you or your girl like this:

you’re going to love your bikerMetric sticker!

discovered this half-demolished and desolate way-too-old-to-know-for-sure ekranoplan (soviet vertical take-off sea plane) on a few websites last night. no engine. no wings. it was dreamt to be like this:

but sadly has become this:

i’d like it to plop on a plot of land in new orleans, where a 150-year old house once sat. i’ll grow a garden on top with grass and fruit trees and carrots and potatoes. i can lift a hatch and my dog can **** up there. i’ll build a gazebo and drink and smoke and write poetry on it. then, when the next flood comes, we will simply float away.

here’s a vid.

that video is like the ussr; suddenly over. stupid commies. when will they ever learn?

why is the biker always a bad guy?

something else about bad guys. you’ve read about how greece is fighting a hostile takeover from bankers?

here is my concept of their new flag should that happen. which it won’t. because i believe.

get it? the sickle from communism-turned-fascism with the euro monetary sign embedded in the flag of the nation which conceived democracy? i thrill myself with my creativity.

yes, i am crazy. laughing at myself. on the bus as the driver calls dispatch…

had a few noobs click the wrong button and chose to “follow” the madness expressed within these electronic pages. i will endeavor to give the obligatory shout out to all of you guys soon. until then…

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