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1000 readers of garage built metric motorbike mayhem

A great thing happened on bikerMetric yesterday. 1,000 reader/visitors came by. 1,132 to be exact. It’s the first time we’ve hit a grand.

In celebration of this hard-earned feat, I’d like to say thank you to everybody who’s become involved in this vision of mine; from members such as Ole and Motoroz, to builders like Casey, Dave, and Shoe. There is an especially long list of folks who have helped (and are still helping) the FREEDOM or DEATH MACHINE become something special.

I know. Scary, huh?

When I started a year ago, I hoped to raise the visibility of the garage built metric bobber, chopper, and cafe racer movement (or “scene” as Vintage Period Correct Chopper Dude would say). I looked forward to meeting cool people, riding all over, maybe I’d build a bike, and hopefully make a living as a biker poet who’s big in Bangkok.

Turns out, I’m big in Budapest, too. 145 readers came from Hungary yesterday. That’s cool. Here is a photo of a couple of tasty Gilera cafe motorbikes sent to me by my Hungarian friend Arpad Zirig:

Lest you think it’s been easy being a biker poet channeling Hunter S. Thompson and Charles Bukowski, it hasn’t. When I was working in the bar (AKA: The Hellmouth) for the past two years, I was drinking too much and getting ****** off because after a few months there I realized my money came from a lying, two-faced crook I’d just as soon visibly scar for life as to smile at insincerely.

Since deciding to make a living with bM, it’s been tough and if it wasn’t for the love and belief of a good woman, I’d be pretty screwed.

I did manage to get an XS650 chopper built this year. But while dudes in San Francisco can build killer chops for a grand in 30 days, I couldn’t get one built for six or seven grand that had working brakes or even straight handlebars after three months.

It will get there and I’ll be riding in New Orleans. I promise.

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  1. Nice milestone there Trent. Looks like the word is out and spreadin’ like poison oak offa hoor’s coochie.

    Calls for a toast.

    I’m cracking my first beer of the long Thanksgiving weekend in honor of a fella that knows how to keep the faith and use his talents to make something happen by sheer charisma, determination and willpower.

    His recalcitrant attitude has proven an inspiration to myself, and from the look of that chart, possibly quite a few other folks from across the planet as well.

    Here’s to ya Trent. Thanks for putting out an authentic high quality product. I look forward to digging the bM vibe for some time to come.

    Unless you ban my big dumb swede *** that is…

  2. recalcitrant. i like that!

    swedes have HUGE *****. seriously. aren’t swedes the tallest “race” in the world? seems that the taller you are, the bigger your ***!

    thanks for the cheers, my friend.

    the inexplicable woman and i are heading to the market soon for stuff we need, such as good beer (i drink swill the rest of the time) and a few extra ingredients for what she always turns into a turkey day masterpiece.

    i’ll tip one for you then.

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