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busch brothers custom motorcycle showdown

what would you rather wednesday: busch brothers showdown

Introducing the first WWYRW: What Would you rather? Wednesday?! The idea’s pretty simple:

We take a look at some fly bikerMetric custom metric bobbers, choppers, cafe racers, or other motorcycle related goodness. I pick a theme, you decide which one reigns supreme. Next week I tally up the votes and we do it all over again.

Take a look at the pic and leave a comment on this page or on Facebook with your favorite.

Get ready, get set, burn rubber!

busch brothers custom motorcycle showdown

Dany and Lance Busch are two cool brothers who’ve put together some hot machines. They’ve been all over bM and need no introduction, but if you’re curious, and you should be, you can check out all the Busch Brothers posts, or see the latest the guys are up to at the Busch Brothers blog.

What would you rather ride?


Answer the poll on the top right corner of the page and vote for what you’d rather own!

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