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yamaha xs650 chopper | busch & busch

Trent first wrote about the Busch brothers, Danny and Lance from Busch and Busch, back in September of 2011 when he covered a nice Kawasaki F7-175 street tracker.

He described them as “some wackos from the Nevada Desert.”

Sounds about right?!

yamaha xs650 chopper
This time the brothers from the Reno are back at it with this Yamaha XS650 chopper by Busch & Busch.


Hey Adrian, sorry again this took a while, but here’s ya go!  It’s a ’79 XS650, picked it up as a total rustpile up in Washington state.  Pretty much a frame, engine and title.  Electrics, tins, carbs all missing.  Christmas Eve of 2009, we started cutting.  Everything except the motor mounts is new steel, bent by us.  Lance did all the welding.  He also made the tank.

yamaha xs650 chopper

I made the leather seat and grips, and aluminum fender, rebuilt the motor, and did all the machining needed to make everything fit.  Also machined the stator cover with our logo.  Wheels are Harley with a modified rotor in an SR500 caliper.  It’s fun as **** and fits me well (being a tall guy, I was worried we had made it too short)!

yamaha xs650 chopperThanks to Lance for helping me stay motivated and doing half the work, as well as taking these cool photos.  Keep up the great work!



Looking for more Busch Bros works? In January we showed off another Kawasaki F7-175 street tracker. The Busch Brothers are selling the set of his and her F7-175s. Price undisclosed but you can find out by going here.

Then there’s the alien stripper babes and custom Kawasaki Vulcan.

yamaha xs650 chopper

And finally there was the Busch and Busch Bultaco tracker, my personal favorite, if only because it takes me back to sweet childhood memories.

Adrian S.

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  1. they don’t get much better than this

  2. that they don’t

  3. Do you have one for sale ? Well you build one to sell , like it a lot.

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