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bsa chopper

bsa bobber | SOLD

Or is it chopper? Probably. I’m burnt. 20 hours of sleep last week but SXSW is finally over. We’ve got a lot of stuff in the works coming up on bM, so come back soon to find out what’s what, motherf***ers.

The bike below has just been completed by Jeff. It’s going to Florida to some dude. Maybe he’ll send us some photos of him cruising the coast on his badass BSA chopper. Here are some photos of the completed “Redemption,” taken today. The completely hand made, garage-built custom motorcycle is an A50/A65. The motor is a 650 with A50 lower cases.

The pinstripe action was done by a friend of Jeff’s, Chris. Besides pinstripes, he’s a decent airbrush artist.

Is that a Penthouse mag in the corner of that photo?

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