hatred is the modern religion. it is a belief that hatred of other religions or politics or *** and drugs as if a joint is worse than a double shot of jaeger or a BJ from two hot chicks f***ing each other simultaneously with a double-headed ***** an inch above your face dripping themselves on the grin you work with all your might to suppress is a bad thing.

hatred is fear of the right of others to have an opinion that isn’t yours.

with a billion dollars i could have ***** drips and jail cells as often as i wanted, as could you, if you had a billion dollars. why would jesus have a problem with that? are we not free? why is your jesus different from mine? and those mohommad guys? sheesh!

dig this:

it’s going on a suzuki gs450 brat bobber and an l.e.d. is being placed in it. eric is going to see if it accepts an l.e.d. light and works on his new inline-twin metric bobber. we plan on roaring across texas to montana before jumping the atlantic on it somehow. from labrador to ireland.

a commission appointed by the president suggested this attempt would distract the masses from three wars in the middle east and it’s all perfectly legal since the dimwit we got to jump it is an attorney who called the new orleans police department who said it was okay to, um, jump the atlantic on a motorcycle from canada.

there better be a young’s chocolate stout waiting for me to drink long before the dimwit lands. i’m flying a 747 first class and will be waiting for him to land after he takes off. he’s going to make the jump by harnessing hot air. there’s a lot of it around and he’s going to ride some of it off texas, where most of it comes from. then he’ll hit the ramp in oklahoma and twist the accelerator to stimulate the chinese economy. he’s sponsored by walmart.

hey, we split a hundred grand and i get an irish bar brawl vacation. thanks, walmart! yes, i’ve already informed my dentist and have an appointment the day after i arrive back in the states.

my metaphysical motorcycle travels once led me to evel knievel’s home town of butte, montana. it’s that steak and egg breakfast that inspired me to produce this event. when the dimwit lands in ireland, be sure to know his skid marks will be red, white and blue!

i believe in freedom of speech but statistically one of these kids will grow up to be a serial killer. my bet is it’s the kid on the left.


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