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why did google image search…

give me this image when i typed in “stripper housework?”

now this is more like it! >>

make sure there are no wrinkles in the cuffs, dear.

please don’t think i am misogynistic. i know for a fact that being a stripper is truly hard work. many men are jerks with no sense of respect, nor the understanding that their relationship with an exotic dancer at work is a business transaction.

found a bunch of pix of the honda cx500 tracker below on all the cool blogs that have banners for all the even cooler blogs on their blogs tonight.

from what i can gather, the builders are french and they speak fluent flakebook.

figured i’d post a couple of their photos because it’s darned clean for a giant “small bore” engine that was never intended to go where those tires are meant to tread with a frame that would probably drop the motor right out should it ever be used in that manner.

and it better not be for sale for $25,000.

that’s me daring them to take it on a bmx track and film somebody jumping the rad f***er more than six feet in the air. by the looks of their pix and their nifty logo, i can only imagine how easy it would be to make that happen.

ring ring….
“bonjour, l’art *** studio de cinéma.”
“veux film nous sauter le cx500?”
“bueno! vous voyez après avoir mangé ce burrito!”

it’s still a pretty bike and i offer myself to make that jump.

and twenty more…

that reminds me. last night i was ******** off on twatter, posting “#S**tHipstersDontSay.” here are a few for your amusement:

+   “one of these days i’m gonna come out and tell everyone i’m straight.”
+   “i think i ought to buy a t-shirt one size larger than this.”
+   “one of these days i might regret this bambi tattoo.”
+   “it would probably be smarter for me to wear boots when i ride my motorcycle.”
+   “no. it never hurts when i pee.”

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