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vt600 chopper by atari-san

been peeking at atari-san’s website for about a year now but haven’t dropped by in a while. found a nice new bike they recently built from a bikerMetric wastebook member last night, i forgot who, there’s 720 of ’em now…. maybe it was david dufree. yeah. whatever. wastebook was ******* me off with their new, fancy, overly complicated layout and, as if it’s a newsflash, i’m not down with that soul-burgling bulls**t, so i just left without taking note of who to thank for the bike, which is nice, but i’ve seen it before, if you know what i mean. hopefully it’s affordable and not for sale for the equivalent of $8,000 (€6,000) because somebody “cool” made it. sick of that, too.

i am a millimeter away from dropping a bomb on this time-wasting internet desert and turning it to f***ing glass.

none of my favorite writers needed the internet. not all of them needed beer, either.

anyway, the dudes at atari-san have a new bike, an old honda vt600 shadow they chopped with a sporty tank painted in “the 1970’s-retro-is-cool-now style” in pink and purple.

***** colors.

yes, i’m a bit angry lately and it looks different when i’m not posting sh*t when drunk. i could make it funny and laugh it off with dark humor i saw from a different angle; an angle obscured by chemical bravado. my frustration isn’t atari-san’s fault. i’ve met some great men and women in the past two years since i took this affordable custom metric motorbike road. not everyone is a sold-out douchebag who is easily manipulated by the opinion he thinks will get him the most fame. so please enjoy the bike and check out atari-san’s website.

maybe they will write to tell me what this bike would/did cost the buyer…

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  1. so whats wrong with getting $8k for a bike. My hobby is building metric choppers, I think I posted a xs650 build in you face book site (a while ago). anyway if someone can actually get paid for what it takes then more power to them, I’m still trying to finish this xs right now and I’m gonna try to sell it for $4000 mainly cause that’s what the market is. but what the **** a new one of a kind bike for $4k sounds better than $8k; unless your the builder that spent more hours than you want to count. but **** its my hobby my job is as a blacksmith artist and I have the shop with a 1/4 mil in tools to play with. how about the guy that doesn’t have that luxury (and screw anyone that thinks I didn’t bleed for that ‘luxury’).
    -artist to artist- TRENT your doing a good thing with bikermetric. keep laying off ‘too much’ booze, quit your ******** and keep using your talent to write. and merry Christmas

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