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vintage bike of the day: 1934 crocker speedway

1934 crocker speedway advertisement

This was the last year Crocker made singles for speedway racing. They were being pushed out of competition by *** machines with greater power. Two years after this bike was made, Crocker introduced their first v-twin, and a legend was born.

1934 crocker speedway motorcycle

1934 Crocker Speedway specs:

Bore: 3 1/4″ (82.55mm)
Stroke: 3 5/8″ (92.085mm)
Displacement: 30.06 cubic inches
Compression Ratio: 14:1
Crankpin/crank journals: 1 1/8″, drilled for oil
Main Shafts: 1″ with 7 degree taper
Bearings: roller for mainshafts and crankpin
Valves: 1 3/4″, set at “close angle” in “shallow domed interior”
Valve Springs: three coil springs per valve
Ignition: gear driven Lucas magneto
Carburetor: two bowl Amal
Power Peak: 6,000 rpm
Fuel: alcohol
Frame: chrome molybdenum tubing
Gear Ratio: 8.75:1
Weight: 235 pounds
Horsepower: Approximately 40+ bhp
Cost: $385

1934 crocker speedway motor

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