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vintage bike of the day: 1927 ariel 500 model c ohv

Recognized as one of Britain’s greatest motorcycle designers, Val Page worked as a motorcycle engineer and designer with J.A. Prestwich (***), Ariel, Triumph, and BSA. Page developed victorious racing motorcycles and stunning civilian machines that influenced generations of motorcycle design. Page left Ariel in late 1927 to rejoin *** to develop speedway racers.

1927 ariel 500 model c ohv

This machine was dredged from a pond in 1960 and its early history is unknown. Some have speculated that it may have belonged to a lost solider as it was not uncommon for young men to stash their bikes prior to heading to the front. Rebuilt as you see it here, the machine was raced by W.J. Bauloy from 1962 to 1966 and by Richard Showton from 1966 to 1972.

1927 ariel 500 model c ohv controls
1927 ariel 500 model c ohv - motor right

Even as old as it was, the bike was always competitive and placed second in the UK national grass championship in 1969 and delivered the fastest time of the day with its hill climb ascent. In 1973 the bike was badly burned and retired. It is now in private hands in New Zealand.

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