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troy lee designs rips off falcon motorcycles

below is a t-shirt made in a korean sweat shop by troy lee designs. on the tee it is the falcon bullet. the image is doubtfully licensed through falcon but it’s being re-sold through hundreds of re-sellers worldwide.

troy lee designs ripoff 2010 falcon bullet triumph bobber t-shirt
troy lee designs ripoff 2010 falcon bullet triumph bobber t-shirt

from troyleedesigns.com: I work with amazing people. My passionate and talented employees have created a body of work that has many convinced we’re the most creative and artistic company in all of racing.

you better race. you better be fast. because when someone catches up to you, they’re gonna knock you down. stealing other people’s designs is not passion, it’s thievery. amazing is not plagiarizing other’s iconography. the most creative people often draw from the past, but these tees are not soup cans or handguns shot randomly into a crowd. they are stolen.

troy, you are not andy warhol nor andre breton. you are dishonest. you are a thief. you have not been given permission to use the falcon bullet for profit.

how do i know? the falcon bullet in pink on a shirt with another company’s logo all over it? please. i know the folks at falcon and that is all i need to say about my understanding of this situation.

if i am wrong, and i am not, prove this post incorrect to the world with incontrovertible fact. what the world will now know is that troy lee is a two-faced crook. he has no right to use falcon’s kestrel motorcycle for his profit. he never asked. he smiled and stole it.

boycott troy lee designs. troy will rip off your work to make money for himself as if you didn’t spend weeks or months or years building something he pays one of his “passionate” and “creative” hacks to copy. do not allow him into your shop. tell him to bring beer and contracts if you do. then knock him out, take his beer, and shove his contracts up his *** with your boot and dump him in the desert of his soul.

EMAIL HIM HERE OR CALL 800.239.6566, 951.371.5219, and/or 714.486.2304. tell the passionate and creative person who answers the phone about how he or she works for a thief, and you’re telling everyone you know how troy lee rips off other people’s work for his profit.

and tell them all you read it here on bikerMetric.

troy lee designs stolen falcon bullet tee

[EDIT 08.02.11]
troy lee designs removed the falcon tee shirt from their website today. excellent. now for his lawyers to come after me for “defamation.” well…. come on, motherf***ers! i am right here. lest the corporate man defeat me, i shall endeavor to rise above their false smiles to kick their teeth out. with my last breath, i’d rather die in ******, but am prepared to be splattered all over the place in an explosion of brain, blood, and heart.


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  1. imitation is the sincerest form of theft.

  2. Not even close…one is Black and one it Red…you guys have too many conspiracies and are just not in touch with the loving and sharing side your fellow men.

  3. terry. i know the weed is great on the island, but please refrain from hippie bullshit on bikerMetric. i can be a bit hyperbolic, but the fact remains: troy lee designs is using the image of a bike they do not own, from a photo they did not take, for their profit.

  4. ….aaah…I guess my satire was a little too veiled for your taste…
    The Dude RIPPED off the design and now some 7 year old Chinese kid is making a buck a day printing these for the Stupid ***** in the USA.
    I want to be there when two HIP guys wearing these two shirts meet and…well then both of their “I have a way cool T-shirt days are ruined”
    Rotten ****’s!

  5. yes. you are so smart. where in southern california do you live, exactly?

  6. Didn’t PJD ripp off Falcon as well?

  7. he did, ron. and got sued. that shirt is not for sale any longer, either.

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