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gay baabies… for checking out and purchasing RUSTYMETRIC, folks.

as a man who has had his words published in books and magazines, i will always love paper. even so, paper is expensive if one wishes to produce a high-quality magazine as we wanted to do with RUSTYMETRIC. offering our product to you in digital format keeps with what i’ve been preaching here on bikerMetric since the first day i stuck it to a corporate man in an airport bathroom for a nominal fee:


and not taking ourselves too seriously.

because RM is digital, we have no cost other than hosting and charges by those who “help” us make financial transactions. this means we can give you a magazine with phenomenal photography, amazing design, and whatever it is i do. it means it only costs 99 cents instead of five or six or seven bucks like a print mag. these days where many are working harder and making less, we thought we’d work hard to give you something great.

finally, we all believe in this, and though it’s only one issue, we’ll never advertise for bankers, insurance companies, douchebag apparel makers such as affliction, or trendy s**t from “music” television. we’re making our own trends.

then we’re gonna stomp them into the dirt and mold new ones from mud.

here a couple of lance’s pix that didn’t make it to the mag:

falcon black grip | photo - lance dawesamaryllis and ian | photo - lance dawes

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  1. hey Trent, any chance of getting a rolling subscription, sorta like how HFL does it?

  2. sure, emmet. we’ll have that when our next issue comes out. we’re thinking a one-time $9ish charge for a year-long subscription (10-12 issues). one payment and each issue you’ll get a notification email with the link to download. easy for you. not easy for a drunk writer and an over-worked designer to make happen.

    it will also work on kindle and “smart” phones and ifags for douchebags… i mean, the smart people who read RUSTYMETRIC. yeah! all those things and stuff you haven’t thought of yet, soon…

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