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traveling away from here

it’s that time again. time when it’s all a bit much and i need a break. time where i don’t turn on my email, don’t answer the phone, and merely screw off. i have to. bM is more than simply finding a cool bike and posting it. as many of you know, i work hard at developing relationships with folks, from builder and advertiser to member and contributor. i do this seven days a week, usually 12+ hours a day, week after week.

so i’m off to the candlemaker to get wicks put back in. probably on only one end. otherwise i’ll just go out, get drunk, come home, and tell a bunch of people who don’t really deserve it to f**k off.

it started last night with a noisy neighbor i almost punched, half-assed “builders” talking trash because they can’t build straight handlebars and don’t like being told so, and lies that some think i’m too stupid to smell. all of this is going on last night as i’m desperately trying to write a kickass and informative piece but it seems i have to hold everybody’s hand when they ought to be able to cross the f***ing street themselves like big boys and girls.

if you’ve emailed or called and you don’t hear from me, don’t worry. i’ll be back to work tomorrow. maybe. i’ll probably post here once or twice and who knows…. whatever.

on top of that i have a young rescued dog who needs some gentle training and playful attention. it’s hard to do that when you’re drunk and angry. so i’m resisting a trip to the pub.

as you can see i’m thinking of travel. i’ve got another month at least before i can get back to new orleans and i’m impatient. by nature i struggle with patience and at a certain point, i get sick of repeating myself over and over. every time that happens, it never turns out well. everything is half-assed at best and i rail against mediocrity. last night it felt that’s all i’m doing, fighting mediocrity. today it didn’t feel better, so i’m gonna f**k off and let it all go.

the good news is i must offer humble thanks to all of you and thank you all for your support!

bikerMetric has had three of it’s most popular days reader-wise this week, yesterday being the best ever with 1,400 readers. we’ve got 153 members today when in january we had 80-something. i am meeting some darned cool folks and maybe i’ll pop onto facebuck and screw around for a while, say hi to some gals and guys, and then who knows…. whatever.

peace out, everybody. see you soon.

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  1. Trent mate,do whats best for you ,treat the liars and arseholes with the contempt they deserve,you have a great site here ,I say expose the wankers and tell all the bullshitters to **** off ! talk to you soon mate

  2. “it seems i have to hold everybody’s hand when they ought to be able to cross the ******* street themselves like big boys and girls”

    Sadly this seems to be the norm these days

  3. i sure needed that laugh this morning, man. you may be right. thank you so much, robbie.

    yes, juan, it’s a sad state of emotional and mental affairs out there, and it’s growing tiresome.

    regardless, there are many great folks out there and later today i’m going to find out who they are.

    *** bless, gentlemen.

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