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what motor is in this metric bobber?

saw this on back street heroes blog. they wondered what motor was in it. i can’t figure it out, either. looks like a thumper and was taken at fathead’s in south dakota, if that helps anyone.

anybody know what engine is in this little metric bob?

EDIT 20 minutes later:

well, that was fast. our friend and follower juan over at R4YL knew it was a 200cc hardknock. check out the comments below for more…

thanks, juan!

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  1. 200cc Hardknock “bobber”

  2. love your quotation marks, juan! thanks for the info, man.

  3. Google: hardknock 5150 or kikker 5150, from what I’ve read by people who bought them, they’re a piece of ****, by a fly by night outfit with no customer service at all. Some pretty disgruntled buyers I thought, Google’s list should offer a forum you can jump to and read for yourself.

  4. Cheers JC, we figured it out after a couple of hours. Still felt pretty dumb for a while, though!

  5. i’m going through a million old images of honda and yamaha and kawasaki thumpers trying to figure it out before i posted when it was so easy. funny.

  6. The crazy brown whitewalls are one tip off, not sure why but all those have that **** color to the WWWs… well maybe I do know.

  7. Blue is my new favorite color

  8. i also like Blue….lol……..

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