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trade a complete early 1920’s model 18 norton…

…for a Vincent motor?

Yes. In a flash.

Don’t know much about the motor but am sure more info will surface. Until then, check out Matt Machine on his blog, the Machine Shed and see stuff like this, as well as the Moto Guzzi cafe he’s building and his spread in the pages and on the cover of Greasy Kulture.

You can also read a concise interview (diametrically opposed to a bikerMetric interview) with Matt on our friend Frank’s MotArt blog.


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  1. thanks a bunch for a nice little write up….much appreciated….love your blog too!!!!…im following it now …..

    matt machine

  2. my pleasure, man. thanks for the follow click! i’m sure i speak for most everybody who visits bikerMetric in saying there is great anticipation regarding the past of this motor and what you will do with it.

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