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tight little xs650 chopabob and the orange county choppers roadhouse

“Can I have a room on the first floor, please?”

Browsing my favorite blogs tonight, I came across a post by Cyril Huze on his page about the soon-to-exist Orange County Choppers Roadhouse. Yes. Take a deep breath and settle down. I just re-read Revelations and it isn’t a sign of the apocalypse. It’s just f***ing lame and will probably make a billion dollars.

Here are the basics, culled from the press release:

Advent Entertainment, led by visionary entrepreneur Mark Advent, has acquired the exclusive international licensing rights to develop, own and operate Orange County Choppers Roadhouse, a full-service restaurant, bar, microbrewery, gaming, hospitality, retail and entertainment experience, based on the extraordinarily popular Orange County Choppers brand.

Located 60 miles north of New York City, the 8,500 square-foot flagship Orange County Choppers Roadhouse, designed by CORE architecture + design in Washington, D.C., will include a casual restaurant featuring authentic American-style comfort food, spectacular center bar and keg room with 165 beers on tap, live music venue and the “Chop Shop,” its retail store. The signature location will feature indoor seating for 225 and an outdoor patio with three fireplaces and open flame barbecue pit with seating for 100. A bowling alley, concert hall and microbrewery are planned for next year’s second phase.

Advent is one of the most creative and innovative developers in the international gaming, resort, restaurant, retail and hospitality industries. His numerous accolades include founder and creator of the world-famous $465 million New York New York Hotel & Casino, which opened in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1997 and forever changed the landscape of the Las Vegas Strip. (editor’s note: allegedly)

Mr. Advent says “American Chopper is one of the most popular reality shows in the world, broadcast in 162 countries and 35 languages, and we are creating an international entertainment, leisure and lifestyle brand to be enjoyed by people of all ages, food and beer aficionados, concert-goers, motorcycle enthusiasts, sports fans and night-life revelers.

The menu, created by James Beard Award-winning Chef Christopher Lee, will serve all-American classics including the best fried chicken in America, custom burgers, traditional macaroni and cheese, pizza and many of the Chef’s surprise Orange County Choppers Roadhouse customized culinary creations. The extensive menu will be served in mid-priced hearty portions, making Orange County Choppers Roadhouse an every day dining destination and a fun place for private events. “I am a huge fan of Orange County Choppers and have watched the TV show since it started,” said Chef Lee. “I love the idea of creating a broad menu that is delicious and which has mass appeal for this exciting entertainment and leisure driven concept.”

(editor’s note: every man has his price)

Following the first Orange County Choppers Roadhouse opening in Newburgh, Advent will open several additional all-inclusive hospitality venues in domestic and international locations, including Miami and Orlando, Florida, Las Vegas, Nevada and Dubai (editors note: yes, really) in the United Arab Emirates, which will feature a hotel and Orange County Choppers showroom.

Okay, that’s enough. Here’s my take. OCC is a bellwether group that has imprinted the America middle class. They, along with Jesse James, informed what the world thought of American bikers and bike builders for nearly a decade and were instrumental in blowing up the custom motorcycle industry into the bloated thing it became and which we see rotting all around us. They’re the sock puppet dogs of the chopper industry.

I love beer and especially good beer. 165 of ‘em can’t be all PBR and Miller Lite. Still, it seems we can expect their “roadhouse” will be overpriced with crappy food and socially incompetent clientele. Seriously though, how do we know that?

“Mid-priced hearty portions” will fill their fat Walmart shoppers who have never ridden a motorbike in their lives and think OCC’s TV show is the epitome of bikers and builders. They’ll pay the price for a ton crappy food, probably twice what any healthy person should eat, perpetually extending the excess and waste the show has portrayed numerous times. The Walmart douches will be thrilled to feel connected to what they think is real. I’m reminded of the famous quote by P.T. Barnum, “there’s a sucker born every minute.”

Funny that Paul senior’s initials are P.T. – Paul Teutul Barnum. Hysterical.

Those of us here whoβ

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  1. OCC aside, the bike at the top of the post is the Lorena Bobber XS650 built by a guy I only know as Oldskewljay. You can find more pics of it here (with some pics of his smoking girlfriend): http://www.knucklebusterinc.com/features/2006/08/30/lorena-bobber-custom-yamaha-xs650-chopper/

  2. right on, grail. it looked familiar but i thought it was the garage company customs bike we profiled. thanks for the link.

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