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the travels of don wood: win a free bedroll in iowa

got a transmission from the don wood outpost out there somewhere, traveling through the digital wires and radio waves. seems he’s been shanghaied by pirates.


for those of you that wonder how a man who creates the baddest biker bedrolls in the world can afford to ride around the country to places like laconia and stugis, it’s because he’s a 33-degree mason and has personally offed a foreign head of state. also, he has three sanitation service companies to fuel the belly and fund the trips.

don’s lunch

besides being a rowdy vtx-riding nation trotter, don is a contributing writer with cycle source magazine and rally tv online. check him out.

kevin’s bike with don wood bear-repellent bedroll


papa clutch customs is having their annual open house party august 5th and 6th and mister wood will be hosting the bash. at this party don will be giving away one of his famous bedrolls. he is going to choose the most worthy recipient on his facebook page. post on his wall and tell him you’ll be behind the truck stop in aisnworth, iowa for the pcc open house and be sure to inquire on the price of a lot lizard.

when the party is over he and about 500 others will roll to sturgis. maybe you will. maybe you’ll have a brand new don wood bedroll. it repels bears, so you know you’ll be safe in the castro. just in case you wake up drunk with a crazy tattoo in san francisco. hey, i did that once and look at me!

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