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it’s american craft beer week!

yes, it’s true. an entire week about craft beer, the best beer there is. we’re not talking about the mass-produced junk at the quicky mart, but the kind you find at your local brewpub or brewery like we have in new orleans, where i’ve gone on the occasional friday when the boss gives out pints and shares info about his brews and his biz at nola brewing.

here are some informative images about the importance of beer, which starts with the pyramids of egypt, speaks about how beer started the american revolution (you thought i was joking about that all this time, eh?) and ends with how all the benefits of beer have yet to be discovered:

beer saved the world
the benefits of beer
beer built the egyptian pyramids
medieval beer was cleaner than water
america was brewed
our founders loved beer
the sons of liberty started the american revolution in a tavern
pasteurization created thanks to beer
amount of beer americans drink today
what might beer do next?
beer saved the world credits and bibliography

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  1. On that note I think I’ll crack one open in honor of BEEEEEER!!!

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