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the price of gas: part 2

took this photo the other day:

$3.77 per gallon for 87 octane gas means 11% of that is taxes. it would be $3.36 without the taxes. roughly, for every ten gallons, you could get a free gallon if there were no taxes on gasoline.

now, i wonder, why are we taxed on gas when those who provide the gas don’t pay taxes, and often get “government bonuses” for some reason. the top five major providers of gas to the usa made over $1 trillion in profits in the past decade.

what if they were paying what the average american pays in taxes at around 30%? i figure that’s a few billion dollars a year ($300 billion, actually) we could use to repair roads, bridges, and develop clean and renewable fuel sources such as biofuel (not with corn, which is stupid), solar and wind resources. we could make it so every american received a free education after high school. just by taxing five oil companies what you get taxed. $30 billion a year.

that’s $30 billion before the tens of billions in bonuses they receive every year. i guess that’s where this gasoline tax goes. from your worn out and empty pockets to theirs, stuffed with cash.

imagine if we taxed every corporation that does business in america at the same rate we get taxed.

don’t cry about how if it wasn’t for the rich we’d have no jobs. we already have no jobs, dumbass.

so there’s my little rant. as you see it was interspersed with some nifty art by a man named will barras. an astute reader sent me these pix and i googled the guy’s name to find his website. check it out. there are more pieces and most are not motorbike-related, but there are a good number that are, and they are all cool.

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