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kz440 chopper by euro dudes

would you buy a bike from this guy?

sing this to the commercial “who likes short shorts?”

we like nogg design.

no it does not rhyme. the guys built some kawasaki twin. it looks cool. here is the list of stuff that made it:

it’s a kz440 ltd from 1980.

according to berzeviczi, they got the engine, made the frame we using lasercut parts and found a lot of parts in junkyards and landfills.

the dudes who wasted their precious time on this beast were berzeviczi norbert, vitai krisztián, somogyvári zoltan, szalkai csaba, and bereczky zsolt. most of those would be good names for a beer. i expect to meet them one day and get one. a beer, that is.

here is the lowdown on individual parts on the bike:

the front end is a honda cb400. the handlebars are alu downhill bike bars, which i cannot find on google, but must exist, because somebody said so.

even so, the 32mm center of the bars gradates to 22mm on the ends. is that german for wtf? that sounds difficult to do. the headlight was found somewhere, nobody remembers where. that is more interesting than hours of bending and crunching and where is my beer?

the headlight mount was custom made by a dude the translation did not work with. it’s sweet. who is “j,” berzeviczi? it’s beautiful.

they snagged the tail light from a 1920 carbide bike brass headlight. that was a lucky find. nice.

the front wheel is an mz ts150 holding an avon speedmaster 3.25″ with the rear wheel from some honda enduro sporting a 130 mm pirelli.

the carburetor comes off a fiat 850 and as you see, there was a lot of custom brass put on the carburetors and gas tank.

the seat, bag, and everything leather was done by noggdesign.

kick *** bike, gentlemen. thanks for the info and pix.

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