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the poll: how often do you ride with a helmet?

Dudes. Dudettes. Thanks for coming by as often as you do. I dig the response on the new poll and I’m criticizing myself for not thinking of more options because six of you have voted “other.”

What is “other” to you? Does your significant other (that’s funny) demand you wear a lid? Are you a parent and think of your kids so you wish to be as safe as possible? At Bikernet, we want to know. We want to offer information about things that concern you. The best way to do that is to know who you are.

Please comment on this post (see and click on the word COMMENT below after my self-gratifying by-line) and tell me what is “other” to you. Why do you ride with a helmet? Why don’t you, sometimes? At least two of you are troublemakers.

Six voters registered that they ride with a helmet “always.”

The most interesting thing I see with our poll is that nobody admitted to “never” riding without a skull adornment. Even I can’t. I learned to ride at 18 in Montana in 1986 and guess what, I didn’t wear a helmet. Moved to California. Didn’t wear a helmet. Back then, you didn’t need to.

I ride with one now, mostly out of habit and to keep the woman who inexplicably loves me happy. S**t. Our helmets match. Both are little black skullcaps I bought in San Francisco in 1997. They’re so old I had them re-upholstered inside last year. Anyway, is style why you like helmets? What kind of style? Pinstripes? Goldflake? Powerpuff Girls?

Yes, women ride. Jokes about stick shifts, automatic transmissions and chain drives apply here.

Three of you bastards and b**ches admitted so far that you ride with a helmet because of the law, and two clicked “1%!” The exclamation point gives you away. I’d love to hear from the 1%ers as to why they ride with a helmet because nobody (nobody) has voted “never.”

As far as I can see, everybody that reads this blog rides with a helmet sometimes and Jesus is cool. Jesus is. Jesus would ride with us and laugh and dance and provide the wine.

Vote or die having never been heard. Revolutions are always fomented over pints of beer.


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  1. I clicked Other. I’ll wear a helmet when it’s 20 and I go for a run. Minnesota windchill is a brutal mother come winter.

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