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the pimp & ho tour continues through the dirty south in new orleans!

[NOTE: this was posted on may 12. why it appears on the 19th all of a sudden is only more proof that blogger is a giant piece of f***ing s**t. some day bikerMetric will re-launch on wordpress and the new site will have a page dedicated to helping you all get off blogger and onto wordpress where you will not be censored, where your site will be not offline for a day or three, where you can always edit and update your pages, where random things like out-of-order posts don’t occur, and where you won’t be promoting the corporate man (blogger = google = free yourself). there. i feel better now.]

after hitting a frozen daiquiri joint on elysian fields at eleven this morning on our way out of new orleans, i needed to make sure i had everything.

spot the four loco and the mad dog 20-20? behind the register is real liquor, too. i felt like tony montana at a columbian coke refinery. after months in tennessee and years in texas, it is nice to go to a quicky mart and find whatever cheap s**t i want to f*** me up before noon and after midnight. *** bless new orleans. screw all other morality-based bulls**t. if i want a f***ing beer right now and i deserve one. damnit.

the superdome

people keep writing a day or an hour after we’ve rolled through their towns. today mike from mobile sent me pix of his yamaha warrior.

he’s obviously done extensive customization to his bike, including a 280mm tire kit, a fabricated plate behind the seat with frenched l.e.d. turn signals, twin headlights, bar end mirrors, and a custom carbon fiber treatment on the tank.

custom yamaha warrior | mobile mike

it’s a slick streetfighter. this year he is riding to daytona, natchez trace parkway, and more as summer rolls through.

thanks for writing, mobile mike. hope to tip a few with you on or way back to new orleans.

one thing i like to do sometimes is hip you mofos to what is really going on in the world, and especially in the usa. if you are unaware, the house of representatives is about to vote on a new war authority” without having a single hearing or telling the american people what it is planning to do.

representatives of the people do not legislate without our voice and vote. click this link and let your representative know that a vote for this unchecked presidential power will lead your rep to discover the voice of the people as it rises to strip those who seek boundless war as a means of control.

freedom is not controlled. it is allowed. we have the power. it is time to let these fools know we have had enough of their corporate-controlled, foreign banker bulls**t. let them know we will rise and they will fall as they always have. as history tells, so shall the future be.

this new war authority would give any president the power to unilaterally take our country to war wherever, whenever and however he or she sees fit. it would declare a worldwide war without end. it is war without clear enemies, without any geographical boundaries or specific objectives to be achieved.

unlike the legislation that authorized the afghanistan war and the pursuit of osama bin laden, the proposed new war authority does not cite any specific threat of harm to the united states.

the time is NOW to restore respect for the constitution of the united states of america. we must put an end to the notion that we can’t be safe without sacrificing our freedom.

i am far from alone in this belief. please click this link and let your representatives know that a vote for the military industrial complex is a vote they make at their own peril.

on a happier note, i’ve got an absolutely killer xs400 from canada later that is going to blow your socks off as i take the day in the woods with the ho to camp under the stars and cook over an open fire. it was a beautiful night in florida last night, and today is warm and sunny. i wish you all nothing but greatness and domination over any who would seek to shackle you.

watch out. it’s coming.

arm yourself.

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