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the latest poll

had some interesting results.

93 voted, which is a decent turnout. i didn’t think that many would care. here are the responses in order of which was most chosen:

if i was to belong to a biker club, supposing they allowed metric riders, it would be:
f**k clubs, i’m a lone wolf: 51 (54%)
start my own for first dibs on prostitutes and drugs: 18 (19%)
other: 13 (13%)
learn to play guitar: 3 (3%)
hells angels: 2 (2%)
banditos: 2 (2%)
boozefighters: 2 (2%)
****’s satans: 1 (1%)
pagans: 1 (1%)
vagos: 0 (0%)

i’m glad somebody chose “****’s satans.” that is the club homer simpson started after he won a harley at a 1950’s style diner. i also liked that three of you chose to “learn to play guitar.” i do wonder about the 13% who chose “other.” feel free to comment to this post on which clubs those might be.

the #1 choice was not surprising. bikerMetric is mainly a *** motor bobber and chopper site, and there are few clubs for cats like us and most of the rest could care less. if it were dedicated to crotch rockets, maybe. same if i jumped on the cafe racer trend that i give another year or two before it’s tv show and the shiny smirks bite the dust.

the next trendy tv show will be about small metric garage builders. no big names. no exploding egos. no politically correct safe corporate ****. seriously. “we can’t film that johnny cash poster?” well, i can.

for 54% of the last poll’s respondents, the lone wolves, this one ought to make you smile:

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  1. I’m glad someone else is a simpsons fan. Plus I like that Ned Flanders and his lawnmower were allowed in.

  2. when i think of moe suggesting “the christ punchers” as the club name, and ned’s response, i always laugh. so wrong. ***, have mercy upon my soul.

  3. Along with the sterling silver rings (hint, hint) with the bikerMetric logo, maybe we will see the bikerMetric TV show in the not too distant future. Featuring us mad metric garage builders.

  4. it will have to be hbo or showtime. too many curse words, beer, and strippers.

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