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thanking the noobs

in the last eleven days my manic metric motorbike blog has gained eleven new members. eleven? i’m kinda blown away. every time i think i’ve gone too far with demanding the heads of politicians, bankers and corporate, um, heads, someone clicks to find out what’s next. i love the affordable metric and euro motorscooter like all of you but i always assume i’m ******* off most of you half the time. new members shock me.

i’m trying not to rant off on obama’s “state of the union speech” tonight, but….

do all servicemen and women know they are mere pawns of a corporate-driven war machine that values profit over triumph?

do people who vote republican realize that dubya was a **** of the military-industrial complex and the last president to challenge that force was jfk?

what happened to that guy?

do democrats dig that obama is a pretty talker and a giant liar? remember his campaign? “end the war?” “repeal the patriot act?” yeah. lies.

i spoke with my mother after tonight’s “speech.” i asked her what she thought. let me preface her reply with informing you all that she raised me in a very politically liberal house and her last husband was a marine. i got it from all sides. she said the words obama spoke were “a beautiful fantasy.”

then she said she had a headache, hung her head in her hand for a moment and took a drink of vodka, hanging her head in her hand once again.

with so much “hope” in the air, here are the folks that inexplicably dig bikerMetric for some reason i haven’t the ability to fathom but will always try to express. thank you and *** bless us all.

OneRigidRider: the dude likes my blog and very few others. thanks, motherf***er. may peace and success follow your soul forever.

philsavignac: another guy with no discernible information an aspiring government spy couldn’t easily discover online. regardless, i think phil wants to, or already does, f**k this chick.

Lars: no photo. no other links he follows. government spy. i think bM has about five now. funny thing is they are all from other agencies. your tax dollars well spent.

National Crime Information Center

that looks good. big and threatening. let’s call them about stuff. like me saying that every employee of the cia, ss, irs, hsd, tsa, and the fbi ought to be lined up with lit cigarettes in their mouths for a pretty picture against a cinder block wall. yeah. let them know i wrote that right here, right up their ***** with the first amendment. ’cause this is just poetry and i’m sick of being f***ed with so blah blah blah.

but click that link anyway (delete all cookies and internet cache afterward of course) and find where it says “join.” it’s the “american federation of scientists.”


here. more bikes from metamorfosis masiva:

jesus, forgive me for my sins, and the ones i am about to commit…

welcome the latest contestants on “the jig is up!

muchamad erda: muchamad is a follower from indonesia. like i say, i’m big in bangkok. jakarta, too. thanks for coming around, man.

Russ B: russ! this man is a jesus freak, and the best kind. of all the people i’ve met who proclaim christ as their savior, which is thousands, russ is in my top five and number six is a faker. he keeps the hate out. thank you for coming by, russ.

Professor Washington: first i thought professor washington was portugese. then i realized that is the language of brazil. where the professor lives is in the midst of a struggle to save the rain forest or burn it down so cattle you’ll eat the next time you visit mc donalds have easy land to graze upon.

Tail End Customs: tail end is an fb friend and you can visit their blog here and see cool stuff like this honda rebel bobber:

Volksrat:volksrat is from the uk. he likes stuff i like. maybe he’ll like this:

Matt Richards: matt digs viking ships, and he knows what elvira, mistress of the dark looked like before she shaved her ****** and started dressing in black with campy jokes. i like shaved *******. maybe i’m a perv with a latent fetish for pedophilia, but i floss with wax, not pubes. and hey, whatever floats your carburetor, um, floats.

PhotoRock: pr is a japanese cat with a very nice burlesque blog called man’s ruin in tokyo. the young woman posing on a rat rod in his header image needs to me laying over my knee for a good spanking. she obviously needs one.

the site is filled with killer metric motorbike stuff and asian pinups galore. it’s like my wet dream, but on my computer screen. hooray! dream and it comes!

padin: this guy likes cool motorbikes. easy as that. thanks for dropping by, man.

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