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techtip #5: how to shape your home-made seat pan

Home made cheap f**k Texas style!

Adrian is building a nice XS650 chopper here in Austin.

Got an email from him yesterday:
I stop by almost every day. Here are a few pics of a ghetto seat pan shaping I just did. Bolted thing to a telephone pole and pushed. I’ve got the building bug but no shop! Hope you’re arm’s doing well. Cheers.

telephone pole seat pan forming 1

Kick ***, dude.

telephone pole seat pan forming 2

The arm is doing great, Adrian. My physical therapist was blown away on Wednesday and said I was 60% when at this stage similar injuries would be 40%. I’m pretty much done with the brace. Now I’m stretching muscles, nerves and tendons and will begin strength exercises next week. Still pretty numb, though. It’s supposed to be that way for many years.

telephone pole seat pan forming 3

Thanks for the pix, man.

telephone pole seat pan forming 4

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