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friday’s post of cool stuff #25

fire! | by trent reker


One day I saw a killer two-stroke drag bike on Chopper Dave’s site and after two seconds on Google to see where he got it, I found this killer link to a bunch of old school Performance Machine photos. I saved some killer metric drag racers. Thought I’d share a couple of them:

yamaha two-stroke rd350 drag bike | performance machine

That was a Yamaha RD350 two-stroke drag bike from, oh, 1975 or something.

1982 inline-four drag bike | performance machine

The window says “world’s fastest Harley” but the bike is obviously not a Harley, unless they made an inline-four I don’t know of. Yeah. Looks like a supercharged Kawasaki.

I guess it’s time to tell that I was a Boy Scout once. I’ve just applied to be a scoutmaster. Yes, not really. Here are some of the new Boy Scout merit badges that interested me in getting involved. Yes, not really:

merit badges for the modern scoutmaster

Who likes Corvettes? Seen the new one? Had these photos for a year or more.

chevy corvette concept
chevrolet corvette concept - pic 2

The bikerMetric sneakers turned out great.

bikerMetric sneakers | left

Okey dokey, folks. Here’s your not-so-daily vintage motorbike. As you know, I like J.A. Prestwich motors, especially their v-twins, but their speedway motors were hardcore winners. Here’s a *** two-valve 498cc thumper, probably from the late 1940’s or early 1950’s.

*** speedway motorbike

Hope everybody had a great Friday. Thanks for visiting.

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