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how to build your own motorcycle trailer

Whiskey TrailerAs motorcyclists, we all dream of getting away from it all. Work, responsibilities, sometimes even our loved ones can be a touch too much. Sometimes the best therapy is flying over a long trail of asphalt curving through the hills to the tune the beat of your motor. We try to pack light. The bare necessities. Have you ever tried stuffing rain gear, two days of clothing, a few tools, chain lube, and camping gear on your one man (or one woman) ride? It’s a tough squeeze at best.

A trailer for your motorcycle seems like the obvious solution. You can fit a lot in there. You don’t have to cut corners on what you bring with you. When that inopportune time arises there’s no chance (or at least less chance) of having left what you find yourself needing behind. The question is how do you build your own motorcycle trailer? Where do you start? How do you make it look cool and not hodgepodge? How do you make it the envy of all motorcycle trailer folk?

Karl Steinmeyer at Get Lost Trailers LLC is showing you how to make all of your dreams come true. Best of all, he’s giving it up for free!

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Get Lost Trailers has been making some of the most rad looking trailers out there, specifically the 50 Gallon Whiskey Barrel Trailer.

How to Build Your Own Motorcycle Trailer

When Karl started his search for a motorcycle trailer he found some quality well built trailers, but found them to be out of his price range. The models on the lower end of the motorcycle trailer price spectrum were just too shabby. Karl decided he would build his own trailers. Get Lost Trailers was born.

One of the really cool things about Get Lost Trailers, and the reason why the business is being featured on the site, is because Karl’s doing something with it that a lot of businesses don’t do. He’s putting out free information and in a sense, Get Lost Trailers is giving back to the motorcycle community.

Whiskey Trailer

The plans are actually really well laid out, neat, and everything is well documented and detailed. Even as someone who isn’t very handy with tools beyond basic motorcycle maintenance, I found I could follow along and visualize the motorcycle trailer assembly from start to finish.

Even if you don’t happen to have a 50 gallon whiskey barrel in your back pocket just waiting to be split in two and made into your next trailer, these instructions will give you a pretty good foundation for the basics. You’ll be able to mentally get your feet wet before you decide to go all out on your own.

I have no idea how many hours must have been spent on this, but I’m sure it was a lot of work. Big props to Get Lost Trailers!

You can read 50 Gallon Whiskey Barrel Motorcycle Trailer Building Plans on the Get Lost Trailers LLC website.

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  1. Thanks for sharing how to build motorcycle trailer. The details will help many readers in availing the advantages of customized motorcycle trailers without spending a lot of money.

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