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taking a trip to meet an artist and builder

this bike first appeared on another site a couple weeks ago and something wasn’t right, but i was intrigued. i researched the builder as no link to his site was given, and shot him an email.

we spoke on the phone where mr. booth informed me of many things which were assumed and important information that was either missing or simply incorrect from the post on the other site.

somehow, i managed to impress him and was invited to come down to his shop. so i’m taking off with my dog to do just that.

he is more than a bike builder, he’s an artist. i’ll be using my new camera for the first time. no more crappy android phone pix for bikerMetric any longer. let’s see how i do without reading the manual. it’s print is so small i cannot decipher it…

come back later for the real scoop on his bikes and his art.

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  1. Any update on the beast yet? Need build details.

  2. hey graham;

    i have an interview with rick that i have to edit. i also wanted to return and take better photos of the bike after my initial visit where i found my new camera had no memory card and i was stuck taking crappy mobile phone pix of his bikes.

    if i cannot get back to his place soon (100 miles away), i’ll just go with what i have, which is most likely to happen.

  3. Hi Trent
    Thanks for the update. It is one seriously interesting machine. I would love to something similar. Is he interested in selling copies of the overhead valve gear and drive?

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