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reader rides | harold’s 1980 cb750 cafe racer

this clean mad max style cafe racer started out as a 1980 police version of a cb750. did not know cops rode the cb. interesting.

harold bought it from the original owner for $175. it had been completely dismantled to repaint but after it sat for several years the owner gave up on it.

the bike had only 4660 original miles (7500 km) and when harold tore it apart, it looked brand new internally. all the engine needed was a good cleaning, new paint and gaskets.

after harold went over every other part to clean, inspect, paint, polish, rebuild, and replace with new parts, he started making her the mean-looking machine she is today.

he stripped the frame and shortened the rear section, then painted gloss it black. the seat, side covers, exhaust brackets, fork brace, headlight mount, and more were fabricated out of steel and aluminum and painted or polished. harold told me that every nut and bolt got cleaned and polished.

his carburetors were rebuild and outfitted with pod filters and the bike received new avon roadrider tires, clip on handlebars, a brake master cylinder, and a clutch mount, in addition to a new adjustable clutch and brake levers.

the cb750 got new updated with l.e.d. lights with the tail light hidden under the rear cafe hump. the bike also got new front signals and a 6″ tractor utility light for only $12.

the wheels are stock and as a police bike, were never painted, but the aluminum was clear coated. it’s a clean look and matches the other aluminum parts throughout the bike.

the entire build was created over a three month span for approximately $1,000. he wanted a simple look with the right combination of flat black, gloss black and polished aluminum.

i’d say he did a good job at that. thanks for the pix and info harold, and enjoy your springtime riding.

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  1. Sick CB, he did a great job!

  2. Where can I get that seat?

  3. i believe he made it himself, tik, and it still needs to be upholstered.

  4. I most have that seat. I wonder if he is willing to make me one

  5. my email is omnipresent on this blog. shoot me one, tik, and i’ll give you harold’s. maybe he will build one for you. it is quite unique.

  6. love the look of the bike, building my own cb750F cafe. Hoping you can tell me what jetting he used with the pod filter on the carbs, any idea ?
    mustang1gt@hotmail.com <--- if you could help me get in touch with him.

    • Jetting was 120 and 75 I believe. Ran awesome , specially wide open, but still had reasonable idle and low speed grunt.


  7. How does he drive it without a chain?

  8. I realize this is an old thread, but I had to comment. That’s one of the coolest CB’s I’ve ever seen!
    I’m really digging the side panels you fabricated. How did you mount them to the frame? Again, EXCELLENT bike!!

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