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radical old school cb750 chopper

Matt and John from took off to the 10th World Honda Chopper Meet in North Carolina last week and Matt ended up winning first place, taking home a hardtail frame for his next build.

This is what his winning CB750 chopper looked like when he got it. The frame is a 1971 Santee swingarm.

Here is what the bike looked like when Matt was done with it:

The Santee swingarm frame has a 51.5″ rake in the neck, 5 more inches in the girder, and has a 40″ neck height. Right, Matt?

A 10 over P&P girder was modified with 1.5″ longer control arms and it uses a 13.25″ Sportster shock so the control arms would sit level at a 48 degree rake angle. Really?

The 50″ girder is 22 over and the bike is 10’4″ long. Sheesh. Trade my scars for yours.

Tires are Metzeler, 90/90-21 up front and a 180/55-18 at the rear.

The motor is a 1978 CB750-F with a back-cut transmission, polished crankshaft, Cycle X super rods, Wiseco 836 forged big bore kit, decked cylinders, and a Stage II MRieck ported and decked 1976K head giving the engine 10.9:1 compression. if you dare ride it, you’ll discover its 33.5 mm OS intake valves, HD valve springs, an adjustable cam sprocket, a Yoshimura Daytona race cam, and stock carbs. A Barnett clutch and spring set were installed along with a 17-tooth front sprocket and a 46-tooth rear sprocket to finish up the driveline.

The ignition system is a rebuilt ARD Engineering magneto with a clear cover so you can watch the gearbelt whiz around. The exhaust is a 4-2 turnout made from a set of drag pipes and some aftermarket mufflers. Bastards. Scavenged handmade s**t.

There is much more to this bike, but for those of you into radical CB750 choppers, it doesn’t get much more radical than Matt’s machine.


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  1. Is that red bike for sale

    • I brought the bike from Matt. Love this bike! Use it mostly for show with my other chops! but still ride it sometimes!
      I will sell it for the right price but am in no hurry to sell as it is a good fit with my other 76 Honda chop! Let me think about it. Thank , Bill

      • Hi I have to say that is one **** of a gorgeous bike do you know were I could get a frame like that with title cuz I have a 73 honda cb 750 4 that I would like to build a softail chopper

  2. I am a 68 year old man looking for a frame or project soho 750 santee to build
    I have a 2012 Harley road king police edition I will trade
    I live in Houston TX
    Would appreciate any help finding one

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