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our debut issue on sale now. really. finally.

preface, 08.02.12: never partner with somebody who dos not live up to his first promise and expect the next promise to come true.

yes, we did it. CENSORED came through three months late as i traveled highway 90 from ocean springs to new orleans. swamps and shrimp boats. houses on stilts 20 feet high. turbodog breath and slabs where houses not on stilts used to be. alligators and swamp folks both black and white drinking beers from paper bags at the quicky mart and everybody, no matter how beaten down, is smiling.

the fellaheen know it is always a beautiful day to be alive. even if you smelt it but hadn’t dealt it.

punk kid

now it is time for RUSTYMETRIC. our digital magazine is the first of it’s kind. it isn’t bikerMetric, it’s the custom counter-culture. what the f**k does that mean? it means pinup babes are obvious. period correct knuckleheads even more so. this magazine was “edited” by yours truly, with CENSORED as the graphic designer and layout maestro. jay berndt laid down some words about recording music, lance dawes took killer photos at falcon motorcycles for my interview with ian and amaryllis which begins, “a few years ago Ian was building Trump bobs and selling them on eBay for about six grand. In 2008 you two partnered and the new-born Falcon emerged seemingly overnight with the Bullet, a 1950 Triumph Thunderbird bored out and tweaked into a boardtrack bobber commissioned by actor Jason Lee for 45 grand. How did Ian go from being the common man’s bike builder to that of creating elite one-offs few are lucky to own?”

their original interview and original photographs encompass 20 pages. now you can read it for free here on bikerMetric. learn the truth and avoid the rumor.

13 lucky monkey rings

don’t think RUSTYMETRIC is about the bigshots. falcon humored me for months until the interview was done, and they are the poster people for our debut. thanks to them, RM will have a decent audience we will have to strive to keep interested with upcoming issues as the bar is set so high to start.

did someone say “bar?” where is my beer?

falcon is the draw, not the substance. RUSTYMETRIC magazine is about the guys you don’t know. it’s about the garage builder “this close” to telling his boss to shove it up his tight ***, wondering if beer or this eBay bid is the better decision, struggling to be independent in a world selling independence in oil company commercials masked as the ***** extension an automobile purchase could be for you. ’cause it’s all about you. and your debt. and your small d*ck.

ugly americans

like everything; cars, sailboats, trains, motorcycles…. the beauty lasts for a while and the metaphor is eternity or f***ing. then a zit, a scar, a scratch, a dent, a murder, intrigue. blood on the hotel room curtains. then the utilitarian score or the vain replacement for something new. what is RUSTYMETRIC? not what i write here. i get drunk here. RUSTYMETRIC will define itself.

i don’t believe in magic. i believe in the word. it came first. before the chicken, the egg, understanding, wisdom, and love. don’t believe what you read. believe in yourself. magic is a word. wait! magic is real!

in RUSTYMETRIC #1, hugh owings, the renowned master of the yamaha xs650, starts off with an article about re-phasing your xs650 crank, also now free on bM.

since i “partnered” with a “graphic deisnger” to make RUSTYMETRIC, and it took him three months longer to “design” it than he said it would, i’ve posted most of the content for free on this website. you can read robbie robinson’s life story, as he told it to me. it is unlike anything you have ever read and it places his skills and radical approach to custom choppers in a light few could rival. others with fame and divorce tattooed upon their foreheads or under bright lights with fake smiles wish they were as real and hard-knocked as robbie.


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  1. Great magazine. Read everything except the producing music part. The photos are excellent. Surprised to see an old M20, have one myself that should hit the road soon.

    Hopefully you are able to keep ’em coming.

  2. thanks for your kind words and glad you liked our first issue. we will keep ’em coming, kevin.

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