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one month later

Well folks, I’ve been working on the bikerMetric blog for over a month now and I’d like to share a few things with you.

First, thank you to everybody that’s come by! The site readership has grown an astonishing 5,200% in the past 30 days. Yes, that’s right. We’re still small but things are about to change.

When I first started writing, researching, re-designing and posting photos here, the site hadn’t been touched in 24 days. There had only been nine posts in the previous ten weeks. No wonder the site was dead. I jumped in head first and in the past 35 days we’ve posted 36 times with 111 photos. In one eight-day stretch, I put in over 90 hours researching, writing, adding functions/widgets, and re-designing the site you see today. It’s good to see that every week more people are coming by.

Still, with all the work that has been done and is still being put in, we need your help. Mostly, we need you to comment to our posts. At the bottom of every post there is the word COMMENTS. If you click on it, you can tell us what you think. I want to know.

bikerMetric is not about me, it’s about you. I enjoy what I’m doing but I do it for the readers.

There is a revolution in the motorcycle world right now and it’s in building cheap metric bobbers, choppers and cafe racers. People looking to create their own custom can’t afford ten grand for a 45-degree v-twin, a transmission and a frame. Who’s building 300-wide rear wheel bikes now, anyway? Nobody that’s cool. Who’s building killer metric motor bobbers, choppers and cafe racers for a few grand? Everybody, that’s who.

If you wish to contribute to bikerMetric, email Trent at bikerMetric dot com and we’ll get you out there. If you’ve got one story or a hundred, it doesn’t matter. Do you know of an event we can promote here? Do you know of a new bike being built or are you creating one yourself?

Let us know and be part of the new metric revolution.

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  1. Yes, you found the link! What’s up?

  2. Like what you’ve been doing. Keep it up.

  3. Thanks, Ole! You’re really active here and we appreciate it greatly!

  4. T, Are you the guy in charge for this BikernetMetric? If you are thats great. keep it going. nothing great happens overnight. I view Bikernet all the time. I am not a high roller or a full time builder. I have @ $13.00 in my wallet and I buy what I can afford and swap and trade when the right deal is out there. Today is the first time I have looked at your metric site. I enjoy viewing and reading about like minded peoples stuff. I am starting a GS750 Hard tail build so I will be looking for inspiration. I just finished a Triumph Bonnevill chop that I am selling to get this metric build going. I am not stuck on only building H.D. stuff. I like all home built scoots. I like to ride hard and fast and sometimes it means going with a metric 4 cyl or a crazy 2 stroke twin. What ever it is I hope to see it in this metric site . Thanks for your vision and keep it going. Rome was’nt built in a day.

  5. Right on, Rickmo! Thanks for the positive affirmation.

    If you’ve got decent photos of your Trump chop, shoot them at my Yahoo: misteradiant at yahoo dot com. I’ll get them up and let BikernetMetric readers know it’s for sale.

    Also, if you have photos of your current GS project, send them my way as well.

    Happy Holidays!

  6. Nice site, just was reading through the many listings/posts. I recently finished a custom bobber with my royal enfield. If your interested in it I’ll send some pics your way or give you my youtube link. Ride safe!

  7. my email is at the bottom of every page on the bar, man. shoot me stuff any time. peace out!

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