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new members, hedkase cycles, and off to save the dog

bikerMetric had the most viewers ever yesterday. about 300 more than we’ve been averaging in the past month. london, bangkok, phx, manila and l.a. were the top five yesterday. thanks for coming around, mo-folks!

dear abby - thanks, is, you government spy!

i want to thank tools for posting around the ‘net about jackson. we’re taking off as soon as i post this to get him and bring him home. in the meantime, this is a perfect opportunity for me to thank all the new members on bM in the past two weeks. we’ve had 16 noobs sign up and it’s really cool to see the growth of my mad vision for world domination through the future of custom metric motorcycling.

KlubFoot:  i think mr. foot found us on a music blog. regardless, the list of sites he follows are all good ones and i’m glad to have him around. thanks for the follow, man!

I AM DON WOOD:  this guy is trouble. he makes renowned weatherproofed bedrolls that strap easily on a bike for all you old school bikers who just want something to throw down on whatever patch of ground is available. he has a vtx 1800 he’s bored out to over 1900cc and he goes everywhere on it. i’ve gotten to know him a bit on facebook and am proud to have him follow bM. you can check his blog out here at i am don wood. thanks, don! hope to meet you soon.

seth barone: this cat digs two blogs, ours and one that is mostly about nissans and drifing. interesting. thanks, seth!

Timothy Songster: can’t tell you anything about timothy except i believe he’s from missouri and digs mostly bicycle blogs. maybe he’s thinking of building a custom metric motorbike?

Sailor: see the “f**k everything” image here? i got it from a blog sailor follows called b.b.inc. motorcycles and art. the pirate/sailor thing works and i’ll refrain from the gay joke. what do i care? thanks for hitting us up, sailor! hope you enjoy your time here.

Kenny K: ken is a retired computer programmer and truck driver. he spends a lot of time working on his motorcycle and he’s an *******. i can relate to that! you can check his blogs here at double k’s blog and at double k’s place.

Corra: corra is an italian cat from milan (i think) who runs a nifty blog called el corra motors. check it out for nifty italian stuff and more.

travis miller: travis cuts hair in ohio.

Shaky:  richmond, virginia is representing. ricky is an art director for print and motion and you can check out his website here at rickylu.com. kick ***, man. thanks for the follow.


Gazza: snagged that funny sportster patch image from a site gazza follows called lady hump where you can buy them. it’s all in good natured fun, folks. you can view gazza’s blog here at rockers and fighters.

ECKustomZ: i think ec is a dutch builder of very nifty custom bicycles. his website is found here. thanks for digging the metric motorbikes here on bM, man.

Arno: arno is another dude from flakebook. he’s from paris and if i am correct, he rides bicycles and a custom kawasaki v-twin.

Dylan: dylan is the man behind that motorcycle show. they did a nifty promio vid a while ago with former guns-n-roses guitarist gilby clarke that was pretty cool.

Szakál: szakál! it is so cool to have you here, man. as you folks my remember, or maybe you don’t, i discovered the work of mister szakál over a year ago and did a nifty interview with him a few months afterward when our friend arpad commented below a post. szakál’s shop, art deco motorcycling, is located in budapest, hungary and he’s actually in the process of building a bike for arpad. you can check out the art deco motorcycling blog out here.

to wrap this up before i take off to get my new dog, i got an email from dave helrich today about some kid named brock in tempe who has a little shop called hedkase cycles and who just got a bike of his profiled in the horse rag. dave says he’s “a cool kid and a good fabricator.” here’s a photo of another bike of his, a 1984 yamaha xs400 chopper/bobber/thingamajig. i love the beer tap suicide clutch handle:

1984 yamaha xs400 chopper | hedkase cycles

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