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snake that exhaust around a yamaha thumper chopper

i have only one photo of this bike. it’s from the amd championship that went down in chicago and minneapolis recently. don’t know who built it but it seems to be a yamaha thumper. it’s freaking wacky and i dig it.

if you know anything about the bike or builder, please comment below.

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  1. I only know one thing about that bike Trent…..I dig it. Hope you come up with more pics.

  2. oh yeah, ron. from your location, i bet that bike would fly. small engine, crazy customization (the handlebars placed a foot down the forks!)…

    i hope to hear from some of my readers from thailand and indonesia. they’ll know the motor and have something to say about the bike.

    bangkok, jakarta, manila; is america copying your style now?

  3. There is a LOT going on here with the smaller bikes Trent. As you are aware getting big (over 400cc) bikes out here is beyond the means of blue collar workers so your common Joe has to work with the smaller bikes. The builders in Japan are ahead of the curve with the small custom bikes but the countries you mention are closing the gap fast and in this mans opinion… The spirit of custom Kulture is about your passion for building and riding motorcycles ….not high dollar bolt on billet.

  4. i know the bike…its a yamaha sr 250, from a spanish guy called Pi.
    hes a friend of mine and a co worker at Mondo Biker magazine….hes also a member of the rat bikes spain.
    the bike, as all Pi´s bikes, was made from scrapp and old parts, incluinding a shovel for seat…
    tomorow ill look for more photos and send them back through email.
    sorry about my “french”…im portuguese.

    great blog,man…keep it up.

    Marco Santos

  5. marco;

    you make perfect sense. thank you. click the little envelope at the bottom of every page and email me whatever you’ve got, man. links, info, pix, anything. it’s a killer bike. thanks for commenting.

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