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moto guzzi six cylinder radial bike concept

Rumored radical six-cylinder radial motor racer by Moto Guzzi.

The “specifications” are as follows:

Engine: 6-cylinder radial
Displacement: 1000 to 1200cc
Cooling: Liquid cryogenic system (yeah, right)
Final Drive: Shaft
Frame: Titanium girder
Front Suspension: Patent-pending tetralever system (tetra = four; I only see two levers on the front end)

We’ll see, but it’s my guess this is simply some Italian dude’s 3D rendition of a dream and nothing we’ll ever find on a street or racetrack. The specs give it away. Cryogenic cooling? That’s for super science, not motorcycle motors. Regardless, it’s a nice design and it would be rad to see a radial six someday.

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  1. Right, and if not goofy enough as it is, they added what looks to be a Hossack fork.

  2. Don Freebird Gregg

    I call bull?.

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