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monstercraftsman chain tensioners and more

Monstercraftsman started as a creative endeavor. Jon, the monster behind the craft, is a musician, artist, fabricator, inventor, and family man. He likes Fugazi, the Decendants, Johnny Cash, and has been known to chill with classical tunage. I’m going to guess he likes Rachmaninov piano concertos.

Jon is making a gimble joint coffee mug holder that sits in a car and allows you to drive like a madman without loosing a drop from the mug. Excellent. Slow down and get run over! Outta my way, dickweed! And so forth.

*** bless America. I’m past the age where I drink coffee for a jolt. I drink it so I can **** in the morning.

bobber and chopper chain tensioners

leinenkugel brewing company

Jon also plans on marketing an ultrasound accessory for the iPhone and iPad that will allow anyone to see a live ultrasound picture of their baby.

Look out baby daddies! Give that app to your pregnant girlfriend and she won’t hassle you for a few weeks.

Jon says you would be able to download the application from iTunes without worry because it’s low level sonar and not harmful to baby or momma.

He digs Leinenkugel beers so that means he builds his killer bobber and chopper chain tensioners in Wisconsin. Excellent.

Check out Monstercrafstman. If you find them unmatched in quality and price, get yourself a solid part that will save you time and problems in the future, while supporting a countryman building his parts here in the USA.

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