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last week’s poll results

things i like about biker blogs (in order of popularity):

i’m going to do what please anyway.

bobbers: 32 (55%)
babes: 28 (48%)
cafe racers: 26 (44%)

this is pretty much as i figured. over 30,000 of you seemed to think a naked breast or twenty was okay last month, but for now i’m going to work on keeping the bobbies covered. that doesn’t mean there will be no more babes, it means that unless i set up a private membership area, or i’m really freaking drunk, you won’t find naked babes here any more.

if you have a problem with that, as always, comment below.

out of the ordinary stuff: 25 (43%)
stuff that make me think: 24 (41%)
choppers: 24 (41%)
funny stuff: 19 (32%)
vintage and history: 18 (31%)

these responses are a little more interesting. the “stuff that makes me think” surprises me. never figured 41% of you thought much at all.

ha! i know you bastards and bastardettes can take a joke.

this place has an incredibly intelligent reader base. you aren’t followers, you’re not fooled, and you’re loyal. one has to have a decent ability to process thought-provoking stuff if you like bM and about 11,000 of you came by more than once last month. not bad for a site that averaged just 5,600 readers three months ago.

bikerMetric will never become an average biker blog where it’s all bikes, what i ate for breakfast with the fellas, and omg! look at the doofus! if that happens, i’ve been forcibly brainwashed by a secret government agency and i hope you kill me. please.

i don’t know if i am funny to you, but i am to me. i’ll try to keep the site sprinkled with humor because it gets deadly serious sometimes.

it is nice that a third of you dig the vintage/historical stuff. i enjoy digging up rare pieces of info the casual surfer would never know and sharing it.

now for the bottom of last week’s poll barrel….

interviews: 15 (25%)
bikes only: 15 (25%)

i’m good with this. interviews don’t come often so if a quarter of you dig them, you’ll get them. i like them, too, and the next one will surprise you. as for “bikes only” on bikerMetric, you know the answer. there are enough sites that are nothing but bikes and in general i think they are a bore.  bikes and bikes and everybody’s opinion about bikes and fights because your bike isn’t exactly as i think it should be and blah blah ka-blammo!™ f**k that twenty-something message board mentality. i outgrew that **** and won’t subject my readers to it, so i keep bikerMetric edgy enough to scare the sheep away.

i can’t focus on one thing for more than a minute and that’s why there are over 1,000 tags to your right, but there are also over 2,500 images on bM, and two-thirds are motorbikes and bike-related stuff.

free stuff: 10 (17%)
pix of beer: 7 (12%)
pix of people partying/events: 6 (10%)
pix of food: 4 (6%)

i hope to have free stuff some day. stickers and t-shirts would be cool. t-shirts of my breakfast would be rad! i think i’ll have eggs and sausage. lots of sausage.

ah, mornings…. makes me want a cold beer…

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