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junkie foot peg brass options

and aluminum, too.

i’ve been unhappy with the finish on our foot pegs.  the brass and aluminum arrives in rough condition. as i’ve stated before, a picture tells a thousand lies. look at this and tell me if one looks cleaner than the other:

right click and open in new tab to see this pretty large

because i am a perfectionist, i made a lot of calls and found a shop with a cool owner who blasted a pair for free so i could take these photos. they don’t shine as much as the cold-rolled brass, but you will find no scratches (unlike the cold-rolled originals) and they’re footpegs. the next rock isn’t going to ding them. they look rugged like ******** sasquatch in the mouth with blood dripping and tears in his eyes.

maybe that’s just me… i have visions.

also, if you want shiny stuff, you can spend some time at your spinning wheel and buff them to your heart’s delight. you know by now bM is not about the gleaming blindness of weekend warrior rides. these are pegs that are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

can you see tell the difference?

blasted and original bikerMetric junkie foot pegs

it won’t change the cost. it’s minimal and worth it for a clean piece but it means those of you who have bought pegs are gonna have to wait a bit longer for them to meet my exacting standards.

the countersink where the screw holds the sleeve onto the inside peg was changed since these pix were taken. those were not good enough, either.

got a problem with that? please comment below and i appreciate your patience. i want you to have the most killer footpegs in the world. not some half-as*ed sh*t. thank you.

blasted is better than scratchy
[UPDATE 05.16.12: seems the blasted finish is the way to go and we will be blasting all of these – both aluminum and brass sleeves – this week as well as fixing the countersink to the sleeve screws. look for your stuff in the mail on monday!]

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  1. i prefer the new dull finish ones; how many of us on bikermetric are building show bikes? not me. and like u said, a guy can always buff them out if they want ’em shiny.. also it looks like the countersink for the set screw should be deeper so the screw is flush or slightly sunken.. i personally dig the aluminum pegs; a black andonized or powdercoated outer would look ******* with the contrasting aluminum center.. that would be a cool option.. nice job, capt’n.. -jed k.

  2. well, with emails and wastebook replies, it’s 8-0 for the blasted finish. thanks, folks.

    also, if you wish to contact me, don’t use flakebook. i am taking a 7-day leave of absence. maybe more. comment here or shoot me an email.

    peace out, metric *************!


  3. I trust your judgement. they look better dull.

  4. they look awesome. and at some point I will definitly get some. be patient,I’m just gettin started!

  5. they are not “dull.” they are rugged!

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