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junkie style footpegs | latest batch is ready to ship

thanks to everybody who digs what i’ve created and ordered them. here are some photos of the footpegs we’re shipping this week.

there are many are to thank, but most is scott at smith motor works, who does the cad and handles my curses to all who have not done what they said they would. one would think telling me the truth is the best option.

remember, i have been dead, discovered ***’s love, and messing with me is a bad idea.

all the specifications on these pegs can be found here. with a tape measure, you ought to find if they are an easy fit or not. questions? please email me. look at the bar at the bottom of this page for my address.

new bikerMetric junkie footpegs

buy a pair of brass.

custom motorcycle bikerMetric junkie footpegs

you have the *****.

custom motorcycle foot pegs by bikerMetric

show your bM and stick it to the corporate man.

junkie-style foot pegs by bikerMetric

a half-inch screw is all you need and we supply it. these foot pegs fit perfectly into stock yamaha xs650 mounts. we are testing them on other bikes and creating weld-on mounts as you read this but studies show that you’ll make them fit with ease.

innovative custom motorcycle footpegs by bikerMetric

soon we’ll offer bikerMetric junkie style grips and risers. you’ll get 10% off for being a previous customer if you order.

bikerMetric junkie footpegs apart

the all-aluminum pegs weigh less than one-half pound each. the brass pegs are .7 lbs each.

bikerMetric brass and aluminum junkie-style footpegs

now to get yours:

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  1. Next time I’m building a nice bike my clodhoppers will be perched on a set of these pegs.

  2. Will they fit an 82 Suzuki GSX1100?

  3. pete;

    all the dimensions are listed in the first post i wrote when we created them at https://www.bikermetric.com/2012/04/bikermetric-universal-footpegs-for-sale.html. if you find you need another fitment, feel free to email. look at the bottom of every page and there it is.

    peace out.

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