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hi, i’m trent…

… and I’m an alcoholic.

I apologize for being MIA for the past four days, dudes and dudettes. I’ve discovered that I am no longer the happy drunk I used to be, probably because I’ve been drinking too often and too much when I do. Over the past three to four years it’s become uncool. Sunday night illustrated that fact clearly and therefore I must make a huge life change and try to get on with as few tears over what is lost and many prayers of thanks to those who are assisting me in sobriety. I must have conversations with other friends to ask forgiveness. I’ve probably lost the woman who has stuck by me through thick and thin for the past seven years. I cannot blame her as my great pride has been replaced with deep humility.

The site will go through a slight change. There will be less angry posts, a few less f-words (unless related to my friend GTP), less madman poetry, and probably a few less references to beer. I still believe in the liberating aspects of beer, but it is no longer for me. This site is for freedom-loving bikers who dig the metric bobber, chopper and cafe racer movement, so it will still be fun and edgy, but I won’t have to wake up the next day to delete multiple paragraphs of raging drunkenness.

That does not mean this site will no longer be surprising or innovative.

Thank you to everybody who has been coming by this week. My readership actually grew somehow, with new members, and I’m looking forward to some great things for bM in the next few weeks. Please return often to find out what’s up.

In the meantime, I will endeavor to get Visual Impact’s new XS brat chop up later tonight and will be back with daily posts once or twice daily as before.

Thanks for your prayers and good thoughts my way and thank you all for your continuing membership in this mad little club we call bikerMetric.

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  1. You are in my prayers. It may be tough but, you will make it and you will enjoy life even more. (don’t mean to sound sappy or preachy)

  2. thank you, man.

    i hope you are right because i sure liked getting a good buzz. never cared about most others when i did and would often get a bit rowdy. turns out i was frightening people and intimidating them. that would be great if i was 1% but i am not.

    terrifying those i love has left me with no words i can manufacture to fix it, nor to describe the deterioration of trust i unwittingly fostered. i can only pray to be forgiven as i do what must be done to repair the damage. if it is possible.

    owning up to thousands of my peers is what i feel must be done to start. thanks for caring, motoroz. you are a gentleman.

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