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hajarbroxx cb100 tracker

Gifny and Nandang are the guys at HajarBroxx, a custom metric motorcycle company from Bandung, Indonesia. They call this the “Brat Baron.” Looks more like a tracker to me than a brat, but that leads to a discussion of semantics I don’t think anybody can win. It’s simply a very cool bike.

hajarbroxx 1976 cb100 right | photo by pambudi yoga perdana

As you may be aware, small bore bikes are the norm in Southeast Asia, from India to Indonesia. If you have a big bike out there, you’re very wealthy. Due to the economic disparity between the States, Australia and much of Europe, Southeast Asian dudes are forced to build ’em small and cheap, usually for a few hundred bucks. That’s the bikerMetric ethic, so I’ve got ’em here.

hajarbroxx 1976 cb100 rightrear | photo by pambudi yoga perdana

Great photography.

hajarbroxx 1976 cb100 left | photo by pambudi yoga perdana

hajarbroxx 1976 cb100 motor | photo by pambudi yoga perdana

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