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giant tank diesel monstercycle

have some mental motorcycle madness, mofos.

this is a freaking giant ratbike with sidecar that is powered by a soviet t-55 tank motor. depending on who you ask, the v12 diesel makes between 600 and 800 horsepower.

the behemoth of a bike was built by crazy german builders at harzer bike company. after finding a tank engine they decided there was only one thing do do with it; construct a gargantuan motorbike and sidecar.

the front of the sidecar is from a world war two-era soviet truck and yes, that’s an anvil used as a hood ornament.

the dry weight of this colossal motorbike is over four tons (4,300kg). the monstrosity is nearly 19 feet long and nine feet wide.

like everything about the beast, the numbers are big, and the time it took to build is no exception. over 5,000 hours went into completing this mental machine.

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  1. “Yo crackhead, cellphone chatting, hipster douchenozzle cager……crowd my lane now!!!!”

    I’ve seen this thing somewhere I think, possibly a hangover dream?

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