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a partial documentary of the life of william s. burroughs

fix a drink, light your tobacco and enjoy. or snort a line of coke and shoot some heroin. whatever.

scratch that – sorry guys – the William S. Burroughs documentary videos are no longer available, but you can probably find them on YouTube!

some other sh*t happens. cannot figure out which is real what is imaginary. the doctor has enacted his surgical procedure upon me. when i rise, i seek to kill him.

waking to your wish for a happy day

in a dim and lonely place i have prayed for you
where our time of separation becomes brown sticks in a deathmask sky
or blows blue green white
if i listen
’cause *** speaks most to the deep sea time
and i should be jesus by now

the definition we share will spread
radiate outward
blind everything
free from captivity

my eyes

you see time through eyes of history
future present past like some metaphysical equation of ****
making babies
we call it practice
this is not a poem
it is a declaration

all my days are love to share with you
for we have become one
where measurement has no meaning.

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